With 45 years of experience, EUROPELEC sells a range of wastewater aeration equipment worldwide. Because quality is our main concern, we select for you the most suitable materials and technical solutions. This is why we use the method recommended by CEMAGREF (a leading French public agricultural and environmental research institute in sustainable water and land management) to indicate the performance of our equipment.



1. Mechanical surface and        AQUAFEN: The floating high speed turbine

bottom aeration:                 TLF: The low speed turbine

                                                       SOFIE: The submerged slow speed turbine




2. Bottom air diffusers               AQUADISC 250

          AQUADISC 320

           AQUATUBE 90

          AQUATUBE 70





3. Surface and bottom mixing               EUROMIX: surface mixer

                           ROTOMIX: bottom mixer

                                                             Central drive thickener

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4. Other products                      The DCM curved bar screen    Aerated oil separator    Scraper bridge  Suction bridge