U860 Ultra-Flo® membrane cartridge   (10 cartridges)

Feed and Backflush Pumps

2 control valves

Feed, Air and Backflush Pressure Gauges

Product Flow Meter

Air-scouring configuration

Stainless Steel Frame

PVC Piping, Hoses and Quick couplings

Electrical Control Panel with PLC

Ultrafiltration Ultra-Flo—hollow-fibre Ultrafiltration membrane designed to remove suspended particles, bacteria, cryptosporidium and bacteria greater than 0.1 microns

Under preparation

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Ultra-Flo Pte Ltd is an integrated water and wastewater treatment provider with manufacturing of high quality filtration membrane using the latest in polymeric membrane technology. We develop, design and manufacture our own membrane to market individually or together with other components as a system. The membrane filtration system is applicable for the treatment of water and wastewater in consumer, industrial and municipal markets.

We produce high quality low cost polymeric membrane as a basis for delivering affordable water and wastewater treatment solutions, notably the MBR (membrane bioreactor) systems:

Ultra-Flo Third Generation Membrane provides additional porosity with increase voids whilst retaining the structure strength with center rib

Ultra-Flo®  MU12-8

Hollow Fibre Ultra-Filtration Membrane

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